Kisi Kisi Soal USM STAN

Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009 |

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171. The head of human resources development division lets the subordinates … a vacation to refresh their mind.
a. Take
b. Takes
c. To take
d. Taking
172. That Addian and his brother were arrested due to stealing chocolate in candy store … by their parents.
a. Have been known.
b. Has been known
c. Have known
d. Be known

173. Harja is practicing karate … he can participate in national karate championship next month.
a. Instead of
b. In terms of
c. So that
d. Not to mention
174. After Monica had found the right hypothetical, she … all the questions directly.
a. Finishes
b. Finish
c. Finished
d. Finishing
175. My mom and I wish that all my family … yesterday.
a. Come
b. Came
c. Could come
d. Had come
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176. The number of people, including my own family, is going to celebrate my birthday party tomorrow, but I can understand your not come.
a. Including
b. Is
c. Celebrate
d. Come
177. He is used to drinking two bottles of water after doing exercise, but I think that is too much for me.
a. Drinking
b. Water
c. Is
d. Much
178. Seeing the result of the race, everyone is sure that Juli’s car is far faster than Nia.
a. Seeing
b. Is
c. Far
d. Nia
179. After being two week in Surabaya, we finally go home to Jakarta.
a. Being
b. Week
c. In
d. Go
180. Although the price is similar, but my radio is totally different than hers.
a. Although
b. Price
c. Similar
d. Than

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