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Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009 |

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161. … Disturbing noise, she can focus on her writing.
a. And
b. Nevertheless
c. Despite
d. Moreover
162. The meeting was held … the third floor of that building yesterday.
a. In
b. On
c. Of
d. At
163. If I have much money, …
a. I will travel around the world.
b. I would travel around the world.
c. I would have traveled around the world.
d. I traveled around the world.
164. Mahmud feels that he failed English. This semester, he … an intensive English course to improve his competence.
a. Is taking
b. Took
c. Has taken
d. Take
165. The puppeteer, …, is suspected of insulting the officers.
a. Who I interviewed yesterday
b. Whom I interviewed yesterday
c. Whose I interviewed yesterday
d. That I interviewed yesterday
166. When you come to my house at 9 o’clock tomorrow, …
a. I finish the job.
b. I will finish the job.
c. I will have finished the job.
d. I will be finishing.
167. The number of illiteracy in Indonesia has …
a. Come into
b. Dropped off
c. Got on
d. See out
168. For some students, …, likely to be a very difficult subject to learn.
a. A physics is
b. The physics is
c. Physics is
d. Physics are
169. Neither Febri nor Tony … now; however, they are playing in the garden.
a. Is studying
b. Are studying
c. Were studying
d. Was studying
170. Samantha was talking to her friends when Ahmad … in front of the class.
a. Stumbles
b. Has stumbled
c. Stumbled
d. Would stumble

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