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May 27, 2006, was a day that I will never forget, it was the day I experienced my first earthquake. I had just…(154) home from masque and was lying on the living room sofa watching the news on TV. My little brother was in my room playing, and my older sister was in the kitchen preparing our breakfast our parents were still sleeping.
At exactly 5.49 a.m., the earthquake…(155)….my country. Our house started …..(156)….violently as it ….(157)…a small wooden boat being tossed by giant waves in the ocean. At first, none realized what was happening. Then my sister yelled, “Earthquakel Get under something!” I was too stunned to move, but the shaking was so strong that I soon fell off the sofa onto the floor. I half rolled, half crawled across the floor to the dining table and got under it. My sister was sitting on the floor in the kitchen. Holding her arms…(158)…her head to protect it from falling dishes. She yelled at my little brother to get under his desk, but he wanted to be near us. He tried to get out of my room, but he kept falling down. The earthquake lasted less than a minute, but it seemed like a year to us.

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