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(Nomor 141 s.d. 180)
Untuk bagian ini, jawaban yang benar kurang dari 1/3 jumlah soal (kurang dari 14) berarti nilai mati

The Hollywood sign in the hills that line the northern border of Los Angeles is a famous landmark recognized the world over. The white-painted, 50-foot-high, sheet metal letters can be seen from great distances across the Los Angeles basin.
The sign was not constructed, as one might suppose, by the movie business as a means of celebrating the importance of Hollywood to this industry ; instead, it was first constructed in 1923 as a means of advertising homes for sale in a 500-acre housing subdivision in a part of Loa Angeles called “Hollywood” The sign that was constructed at the time, of course, said “Hollywood”. Over the years, people began referring to the area by the shortened version “Hollywood” and after the sign and its site were donated to the city in 1945, the last four letters were removed.
The sign suppered from years of disrepair, and in 1973 it needed to be completely replaced, at a cost of $ 27,700 per letter. Various celebrities were instrumental in helping to raise needed funds. Rock star Alice Cooper, for for Example, bought “O” in memory of Groucho Marx, and hugh Hefner of playboy fame held a benefit party to raise the money for the “Y”. the construction of the new sign was finaly completed in 1978.

141. What is the topic of this passage ?
a. Hollywood versus Hollywoodland
b. A famous sign
c. A famous city
d. Woeld landmarks

142. The expression “the world over” in line 3 could be best replaced by ……………
a. in the skies
b. in the northern parts of the world
c. ontop of the world
d. in the entrie world

143. It can be inferred from the passage that most people think that the Hollywood sign was first constructed by ………
a. the city of los Angeles
b. an advertising company
c. the movie industry
d. a construction company

144. The pronoun “it” in line 8 refers to ……………...
a. this industry
b. the sign
c. the movie business
d. the importance of Hollywood

145. Which of the following is NOT mentioned about Hollywood ?
a. It was the most expensive area of Los Angeles
b. It used to be the name of an area of Los Angeles
c. It was formerly the name on the sign in the hills.
d. There were houses for sale there


146. If something has never happened before, it is …….
a. unprecedented
b. reconvene
c. contradict
d. inscription

147. Water that is underground is in a (n) ………..location
a. circumscribe
b. convocation
c. subterranean
d. graphology

148. To write or place a limit around something is to …
a. visualize
b. circumscribe
c. convocation
d. revise

149. if you see something that is not out of the ordinary, it is …..
a. mismatched
b. introvert
c. unspectacular
d. inscription

150. If you are not careful in making decisions or in expressing opinions, you are ……
a. unprecedented
b. extrovert
c. introspective
d. injudicious

151. I am trying to ….the the place you are describing ; I would like to see it in my mind
a. visualize
b. revise
c. submit
d. reconvene

152. The Merger of the two companies was funded by a …..
a. capital
b. capitalist
c. capitalism
d. capitalize

153. The student did not do well in the class because he had a problem with ……
a. absentia
b. absent
c. absently
d. absenteeism

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